Lose weight on your thighs and fundament

What can I do in order to lose weight “locally“? My thighs and fundament are robust, whereas the upper part of my body is normal. What can I do? If I want to reduce my weight, I want to reduce it on all parts of my body. I do sports twice a week.

The disposition of fat on your body is gynoid, that is, normal for a woman. In order to reduce your weight on the parts you mentioned, you have to prefer sports that work out the lower limbs and the fundament. Steady walking, jogging and swimming will help you. You have to be patient and may not let yourself be discouraged, because the fat on the fundament is the one that is reduced most slowly for hormonal reasons. What should put you at ease: You have never seen winners of running competitions or swimmers with saddlebags. So do not give up!
Some woman can, after having reduced their weight through doing not all too much sports, have the surplus fat sucked off. This is possible, but if the inclusion of fat goes on, the fat on the fundament will return as soon as you regain the pounds. It accumulates around the abdomen after the menopause !