Why do I have fat on my  abdomen ?

Do not panic, the abdomen is the part of the body that can be changed most easily, in contrast to the more tenacious parts (saddlebags, hip)… But before working out a flat abdomen, one has to understand the reasons for which it has become fat. These six assumptions aim at addressing the problem:

-YOU LACK ABDOMINAL MUSCLES. Lay your hand on your abdomen below the belly button, breath in deeply and strain your abdominal muscles: if you can move your flat hand easily, you lack tonicity. The solution? Lay down with your legs bent and lifted up, put your flat hands under your fundament. Hold your knees pressed together, lift your fundament and pull the knees onto the chest. Relax. Do this exercise four times a day, 30 repetitions for a beautiful and strong abdomen.

-YOUR DIGESTION IS BAD. If you recognize that your belly blows up and calms down more often than once a day, your digestion is certainly the problem. The most probable reason is air swallowing, because of a meal that was consumed too fast or under bad conditions. One feels blown up and if one has the bad habit of chewing fast, talking while eating or drinking too much during the meal, this is even correct. Take enough time to enjoy your food, chew well and avoid food that is likely to cause flatulence (beverages that contain carbonic acid, chewing gums, candies). Prefer fibers, which enhance intestinal activity. Do not drink much during regular meals, because water blocks the stomach and slows down digestion.

-YOUR POSTURE IS BAD. Analyze your sitting posture in the mirror! Do you recognize an extreme hollow-back? Lower your shoulders and bend the upper part of your body to the front. If your abdomen is almost flat in this position, you do not have fat in the wrong place, but your posture is bad. This hollow-back emerges because you lack muscles at the back. There is an easy exercise which corrects this malposition: Spread the legs, the knees bent, lift the arms and hold a strained towel or a stick between your hands while doing that. Strain the abdominal muscles and bend your arms in order to hand over the towel or stick behind your scapulars. Do this exercise three times a day, 20 repetition in order to improve your posture.

-YOU EAT TOO MUCH. Excessive food consumption is a problem that we all know: family celebrations, business dinners, fat food in fast food restaurants or sandwich shops in between… Too seductive, I am sure you have a hard time abandoning all that. Do exercises whenever you can and try to prepare for the days on which you have less time for eating with well-balanced food. Rather than having three big regular meals, get yourself a snack between the regular meals and eat less during them.
-YOU ARE STRESSED OUT. Some people smoke, others eat lots of sweets… Or do you have a sweet tooth? If you consume too much sugar, your pancreas secretes insulin in order to downsize the high amount of sugar. The pancreas often works as well that the body finally lacks sugar and the lust for sugar returns. Pull in your horns and prefer low-calorie goodies, for example strawberries!

-YOU HAVE STOCKED ADIPOCYTES. Connected with a non-balanced nourishment with food including too many calories and a particular disposition, your cells are filled with fats, which are stored systematically on your abdomen.

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