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- nutritional coaching

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My vision of coaching...

For some years, the term coaching is omnipresent, and has benefited due to personalised advice, follow up and mental support of a coach as a true need. But is it just a question of fashion or do the services of a coach bring about satisfactory results ?

Professional for over 5 years of personal coaching (
I have coached, in terms of slimming, a large number of people. Experience has taught me that the key to success lies with a new way of living rather than with the old style food restriction or over exertion. A good coach differs from a teacher in the way that he has to integrate in his approach to his students, capacity, motivation and pleasure.

Un program accessible to everyone
A large number of people think believe that they can find the way by themselves, many in the end fail due to physical exercises non adapted to themselves, boring, difficult and unfortunately none efficient.  Simply moving your body isn’t sufficient. Without dietary changes and comportment, slimming is rarely achieved. But it is especially the motivation at the beginning , which, alone, without support and outside help, is the biggest fault in the quest for efficient and long lasting slimming.

It is because of all of these reasons that a coach who specialises in slimming can help and gently guide you to your path of success. Make the most of individual advice, astuteness, following and guidance from a professional coach allowing you to maximise your time, avoiding nutritional errors and to ensure that the physical activity sessions are accessible, simples, ludic and quickly effective.

This is why I have decided to make personal coaching, my competences, my know-how in the subject of slimming accessible to everyone.

CV's Mathieu



Elected Mister Wellness Suisse 2004 :


More than 9 years of professional experience in fitness, 4 years as a coach more than 100 clients per month.

Holmes Place

  • Gym manager and Duty manage
  • Management in fitness sector and gyms
  • Organization et development of concept Personal Fit Trainer Holmes Place
  • Personal Fit Trainer private clients


  • Personal Trainer at Lausanne-Palace
  • Personal Trainer at the Beau-Rivage Palace
  • Personal Trainer for Philip Morris
  • Personal Trainer Holmes Place
  • Manager Personal Fit Trainer
  • Personal Trainer private clients
  • Responsible for the Fitness sector, Rosey Internat International, Rolle



Swiss school of Physical Culture, Lausanne

Diplômé University of Lausanne:

  • Aérobic and Fitness
  • S.A.F.E. Training
  • Sports Nutrition

Diplômé Body Pump, Les Mills
School of massage Martin, Lausanne

Attestations from the university of Lausanne in:

  • Personal Trainer
  • S.A.F.E. X Ball
  • Power Stretch
  • PNF proprioceptive neuro-muscular


  • Different workshops in aerobic and weight training.
  • Polar training, test and cardiovascular training.
  • Attestation in EFA’s, Begnins.

Brief’R Training - Geneva

  • Introduction to the Programs in neuro-linguistics
  • Attestation for the introduction in PNL coach
  • Attestation in PNL coach according to personality