The Coaching Minceur program

3 steps to get into shape!

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Step 1: Making contact

• Choose your coach
• Call for an assessment
• Complete and return the info sheet

Step 2: meeting with your coach

This meeting will enable you:

to clarify your health objective
to establish a trusting relationship between your coach and yourself
to create an achievable plan to obtain your objective
to allow us to present our network of health professionals who provide various auxiliary therapies



Step 3: Personalised coaching online

  • access your personal diary with your login 24/7 (secure access and confidential)
  • each day you enter all you have eaten, all physical activities, your feelings, your questions, your concerns, etc…
  • based on this data, your coach will motivate you and advise you in order for you to reach your goal

Interested ?

Then choose your coach

Or go directly to the info sheet.