Your coach Valérie 

Your coach Valérie is specialised in:
- nutritional coaching
- physical activity programs
- therapist in alternative medicine
- therapeutic massage

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The Art & Pleasure of living…

You ...
Epicurean by nature, a food lover or are you in constant search of a balanced diet ...
You lead an active life in your workplace or at home, your life is busy, a few minor health concerns in addition to your weight gain ...
For those of you who are determined to improve your life, I am saying hello and I am standing ready to adapt myself as well as I can to your life and personality, to guide you in your quest for "Wellness" and allow you to rebuild and recover yourself.

My approach to food
My long experience in food coaching has positively confirmed my decision to create the 3 steps of weight loss coaching.
Unlike the conventional systems which all too often put your body to the test on the first day, with the risk of disrupting your body very quickly. In my approach, I will prepare you to manage transitions and changes, so that they become natural and applicable in the long term.
Finally like with everything, there are steps before reaching the summits. Taking certain steps comes sometimes with risks.
Asking your body to make a huge effort too quickly can be like asking a non trained person to climb a mountain unprepared ... Your body would begin to resist and block no longer responding to weight loss.
Remember that a disturbed body, will remember and at the next diet, it will resist to protect itself. My goal will be to reverse this trend and revive your weight loss.

My weight loss recipe
My main action will be to teach you to measure, enjoy and be aware of what you eat in order to experience the sensation of satiety, and hold the key to the success of long term weight loss. The aim of my approach is to avoid harmful consequences to your body and to respect your lifestyle and your specific needs. Together, we will listen to your body and not against your wishes. Not to fall into the vices of "yoyo" dieting, we will exceed the frustrations and restrictions on order to learn to recognize what works for you. Recognising that food is an integral part of our social life, I will give you tips to manage your day, combining balance and pleasure at the table. Knowing that our emotions, like stress, pleasure or otherwise, can also greatly influence our attitude, I can, according to your wishes, guide you to your better remedy.

My supplementary tools
Natural remedies such as essential oils, food supplements, homeopathy, sports, massage therapy and personal development.

Lets make a better life ...
After having crossed my path and having followed my advice, I hope to have helped you discover another way of looking at life and your food. I hope that you will be in harmony with your body and mind. My energy is boundless. If I can be a ray of sunshine in your life, I will have accomplished my mission.

CV's Valérie

Degrees and diplomas obtained

Instructor Fitness IFAC 2000-2001
Champion vaudoise in gym 1988
Swiss team champion 1990 & 1995


Courses and professional activities

Fitness International Presenter

  • In step, aérodance, funk, interval training et power sculpt.

Teacher trainer in  fitness and workshop

  • Specialty in Step, dance and muscle definition.

Gym Instructor et Personal Trainer à Holmes Place Lausanne

  • In step, aérodance, funk, interval training et power sculpt.

Responsible for fitness courses at Holmes Place Lausanne

  • Team manager for courses, auditions and evaluations of instructors.
  • Planning of  courses et organization of events related to courses.

Gym Instructor et Personal Trainer à Holmes Place Lausanne

  • Follow up of client in gym, elaboration of toning programs,
    weight loss, muscle gain, maintenance of  posture.



School of Naturopathy

  • School C.E.M.D à Yverdon, member of  the A.R.N.T.S. in Yverdon.

School of l'Ayurveda

  • Training for 3 months in India. (massage and basics in Ayurvédique medicine).

Aérobic School IFAS

  • Instructors training Fitness FISAF in Nyon.

Continued training in fitness

  • In Step, Funk, Hip-Hop, Body Sculpt, Safe Sculpt, Combo Dance, Cardio Kick, Power Stretch and Stretching.